Kizomba Private Lessons

By Kizomba Columbia (other events)

8 Dates Through Sep 26, 2018

Kizomba Columbia offers private Kizomba dance lessons designed for anyone interested in Kizomba dancing for fun or any special occasions. Both SINGLES and COUPLES are welcome. Do you have two left feet? No problem!You are in good hands!  Our instructors are experienced working with beginners and seasoned dancers. Whether you are learning to Kizomba or Urban Kiz, with or without a partner, in our private dance lessons, you will receive one-on-one personalized instruction from your teacher according to your interests, needs and goals. While we teach private lessons that are tailored to you, we also offer kizomba group classes and parties,which give you the opportunities to practice your dancing in a supportive social setting before you hit “the real world.” We also host social dancing where you can practice your new-found skills. 

Who should take Private Dance Lessons?

  • Someone that wants to learn at your own pace
  • Someone that wants to learn better and progress faster
  • Someone that is getting ready for a special occasion
  • Beginners and who get nervous dancing with other people
  • Seasoned dancer wanting to refine their dancing skills
  • Someone who is too busy to attend our scheduled group classes or limited on time

NOTE:  Please select the time slot you want to reserve for your private lesson